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Teaching Ideas


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When History Repeats Itself: South Carolina’s all too familiar battle with epidemics

Epidemics and Carolina

Charles Town Doctors

Weather and Seasons

Going Viral: Spreading Disease

Going Viral: Spreading News

The New Normal

Adapting with Science

Watch the video to learn about Dr. John Lining’s work with weather observations and predicting illnesses. Then complete the temperature reading activity sheet.


South Carolinians and the Land they Love

Happy 50th Birthday Earth Day! Click each topic to learn all about South Carolina and Conservation.

South Carolina’s Wilderness

Hunting in SC

Conservation and SC State Parks

Protecting the Land

Use the scavenger hunt to explore your yard or neighborhood!

Follow the water droplet to the ocean in this maze.

Listen to the book on YouTube! Watch an animated movie on YouTube!

More ideas from the author’s webpage!

Watch the video to learn about erosion and SC’s rivers!


Watch this video to learn about river otters and the Waccamaw River! Then check out the links underneath to go to the sites mentioned in the video!

Waccamaw River Wildlife word search

Interesting facts about otters: Riverbanks Zoo 

Fun downloads about otters, including the mask on the video!: Zoo New England

Live camera of otter habitat: Tennessee Aquarium

Live camera of otter habitat: Detroit Zoo

Coloring pages: SC Aquarium



History of Communication in South Carolina

Click to read all about how communication has changed in South Carolina!

Decipher Morse Code to solve the riddle and match the tweeting birds to communication history!

Watch this video to learn how to make a quill pen and ink! Find directions here


Carolina Foodways

Click to read all about Carolina Foodways. Then complete this word search.

Read these books to learn more about food ways.

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story by Kevin Noble Maillard

Charleston: An Archaeology of Life in a Coastal Community by Martha Zierden and Elizabeth Reitz

The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South by Michael W. Twitty

Watch the videos below to learn how to make your own butter and share your family’s recipes!


How to Make Butter Directions

My Family Recipe Recording Sheet

Life as a Colonial Sailor: The Science of Sailing (Elementary reading level)

Click this link to read all about Life as a Colonial Sailor: The Science of Sailing.

Now, print and complete these activity sheets: maze and crossword puzzle

Check out these other books about boats and density!

1. What Floats in a Moat by Lynne Berry

2. Captain Kidd’s Crew Experiments with Sinking and Floating by Mark Weakland

Gather the materials listed below, print the Recording Sheet, and then watch the video!

(materials needed: a pot or bucket, small ball, rock, plastic eating utensil, cork, popsicle stick or chopstick, and a penny)

Parents, today in our discussion of colonial sailing, we invite you to join Education Coordinator Bailey Knight as she…

Posted by The South Carolina Historical Society on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Finally, watch this boat building video!

We hope you enjoyed our #MuseumFromHome content this week! To wrap it up, watch the video of Education Coordinator…

Posted by The South Carolina Historical Society on Friday, March 27, 2020


South Carolina’s 350th Commemoration of European Settlement

This exhibit was created in conjunction with the 350th Anniversary of the Settling of Charles Town, happening throughout this year. The reading level is for 5th grade and up, but the content is interesting for all ages!

Click this link to read all about the Settling of Charles Town.

Now that you have learned about the settling of Charles Town, complete this crossword puzzle to share what you’ve learned. Then, label this map with the places that people came from!

Check out this book to learn more about the early experiences between Native Americans and Spanish explorers.

-The Lady of Cofitachequi: A South Carolina Native American Folktale by Kate Salley Palmer

Watch this video to learn about the Carolina Colony and ancestry!

Join Education Coordinater Bailey Knight as she explores where people came from when then settled in Carolina Colony and the idea of ancestry. #MuseumFromHome #SCHSFromHome

Posted by The South Carolina Historical Society on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Watch this video to learn about plats and maps.

Analyzing Primary Sources

Use these recording sheets to guide students through the process of observing and analyzing primary sources. For more information on how to assist students with this skill, contact Education and Volunteer Coordinator Bailey Knight at or 843-723-3225, ext. 117.

Analyze a Map - Primary

View Resource

Analyze a Map- Elementary

View Resource

Analyze Photo or Print- Primary

View Resource

Analyze Photo or Print- Elementary

View Resource


National Geographic

The National Geographic website is full of mapping tools, including an online tool to create maps specifically designed to your lessons. The site also has a downloadable and printable tabletop map that students can work with. This is great for any kind of activity or lesson about South Carolina history and geography!

Visit Website

South Carolina Geography Education

Teachers can join the South Carolina Geography Education for free. Members can rent floor maps of South Carolina for use in classrooms. There are also plenty of free downloadable mapping resources as well as budget friendly atlases.

Visit Website

Archaeology Public Outreach Division

The South Carolina Archaeology Public Outreach Division, Inc. has activities and lesson plans to incorporate archaeology into the classroom.

Visit Website

Alignment Guides for the 2020 Social Studies College- and Career-Ready Standards

The SC Department of Education has released the alignment guides for the 2020 Social Studies standards.

Visit Website

Eagle Eye Citizen

Eagle Eye Citizen, a project supported by a grant from the Library of Congress, has interactive challenges for middle and high school students that focus on American history, civics, and government using Library of Congress primary sources.

Visit Website

SC Digital Academy

The University of South Carolina Libraries created this site for K-12 teachers. Lessons and DBQs are organized by grade level and each one includes digitized primary sources and ways to incorporate them.

Visit Website

Interactive Map

Explore historic hotspots on this interactive map of South Carolina.



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